Lionel 2026510 Halloween Smoking Mech Reefer

Sale price $155.99 Regular price $199.99

This scale reefer might just send a shiver down your spine! There's no telling what creepy cargo is kept inside, but between the spooky sounds and wisps of vapor escaping from within, we dare you to open the doors and find out!


  • "Ice cold" smoke effect
  • Green LED check light comes on with smoke unit
  • Opening side doors
  • Opening generator compartment door with generator inside
  • Die-cast trucks with rotating bearing caps
  • Operating couplers with hidden tabs
  • Scale coupler and 2-rail convertible (parts sold separately)
  • Separately applied detail parts
  • Diesel generator sounds
  • FreightSounds when in motion replicate the sounds of the train as it rolls down the track