Lionel Trains Chesapeake & Ohiho GP-7 Diesel No. 2365 O Scale

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The Lionel Chesapeake & Ohio GP-7 No. 2365 was available in 1962 and 1963. Although it was illustrated in the catalogs as having a center fuel tank, this diesel did not come this way. This is why there is no horn in these units because there is no place to house the battery.
Created on a painted DARK BLUE shells with YELLOW frame and heat-stamped lettering, this engine was equipped with Magnetraction, a three position directional unit whose control lever was adjustable from underneath the chassis, and single vertical worm drive motor that powers two axles. It was lighted at both ends and both couplers are the plastic non-operating type. There are no variations.
All of the Lionel GP-7 units will operate equally well on O Gauge and O27 Gauge track.

This loco runs very well. Has a few small rust spots, but over all very clean. (Look at the pictures.)