AMT 1063 1960 Chevy Custom Fleetside Pickup with Go Kart

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The beautiful 1960 Chevy Pickup was inspired by aircraft styling. With its distinctive 'eyebrow' front end, the 1960 Fleetside remains a favorite of truck lovers and customizers alike. With over 100 parts this authentically detailed kit is powered by a 283 cu. in. Inline 6-cylinder engine.  The icing on the cake is the newly retooled AMT Go-Cart. Not available for the last 40 years, this little jewel is worth the price of admission. Some of you may remember in the 1960's we had to buy several kits to get all the parts to build the Go-Kart.  This was considered great marketing at the time.


  • 1/25 scale, skill 2, paint, and cement required
  • Molded-in white
  • Two complete kits – pickup and bonus vintage go-kart
  • First time Go Kart has been available since 1963
  • Many retooled Go Kart parts
  • Modern era tooling for Chevy Pickup
  • Vintage decal art with expanded options
  • Retro-style AMT packaging