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Auto World RS339 – Semi-Frozen Extreme Conditions slot car Semis

Auto World RS339 – Semi-Frozen Extreme Conditions slot car Semis

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Do You Have the Skill to Conquer the Frozen Alaskan Highway!

Trucking has its dangers. From long hours to unaware drivers, tight schedules and equipment issues… All roads can be difficult to navigate. But, none have it as hard as those who make it their job to “deliver the goods” in Alaska. Traversing the barren land that is the Arctic North creates some of the most difficult driving conditions in the world. From long stretches of empty road to extreme weather conditions and unpredictable wild animals, truck drivers who navigate the treacherous highways of Alaska are some of the most skilled drivers  on earth.

Lets Load-Up and Hit the Highway…..

Jump behind the wheel of your very own Racing Rig and see if you’ve got the skill to take on the open-road and be the first to deliver the freight.



  • 14 Feet of Track
  • 4 Different track plans are possible
  • 1-Peterbilt Conventional w/Standard Freight Trailer – Alaskan Highway Heavy Haulers Racing Rig (Lighted)
  • 1-GMC Astro Cabover Semi with Oil Tanker Trailer – Tundra Oil Exploration Racing Rig (Lighted)
  • Power Pack
  • 2-Controllers
  • Scenic Cardboard Stand-Up
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