Bachmann 18449 HO Scale Painted Unlettered Old-Time Bobber Caboose

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Old-Time Bobber Caboose - PAINTED UNLETTERED - RED - HO Scale. An Old-Time Bobber Caboose is any short four-wheel caboose that ran on a number of mainline and short line railroads in the late 1800?s and early 1900?s. Bachmann Old-Time Bobber Cabooses are the perfect addition to your old-time railroad layout and come in a variety of colors and road names. Each Old-Time Bobber Caboose is fully assembled and features; Highly Detailed Painted Bodies with Precision Graphics (where applicable), Blackened Machined Metal Wheels with RP 25 Contours, Magnetically Operated E-Z Mate Couplers, Non-magnetic Blackened Brass Axles with Needle-point Bearings, Celcon Trucks, and Added Weight for Optimum Tracking Performance.