Kato 20-852, M1 N Scale Basic Oval Unitrack Starter Set With Kato SX Power Pack

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    • Builds a Basic Single-Track Oval - approximate size of 4'6" x 2'2", (1337 x 677mm) using 12-3/8" radius curve. Includes a rerailing track section and a Kato Power pack
    • Couple the M1 with any of Kato USA's "Starter Series" train sets or individual locomotive and car releases to customize your own starter set
    • Easy-to-transport box with carrying handle
    • Reliable and easy-to-use UNITRACK snap track system makes setting up both temporary and permanent layouts a snap


    • Kato's New DC SX Power Pack
    • Complete oval of track 12 3/8" Radius
    • Grade Crossing, Rerailing Track
    • Storage Drawer for Locomotives & Accessories