Kato Item #: 106-086 N Scale Union Pacific Excursion Train, 7-Car Set

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Kato N Scale Union Pacific Excursion Train, 7-Car Set 

Kato Item #: 106-086

The 7-car Excursion train consist features two brand new cars - A Power Car (A modified/rebuilt Baggage Dormitory car prototypically used for providing head end power to the trailing cars) and a UP Business car "Kenefick", forming the head and tail of the excursion consist, which also includes notable cars like the vibrantly decorated Promontory Museum car, with its full-body American Flag wrap, and a pair of Dome cars.

Set Includes:

    • Power Car #207
    • Budd 10-6 Sleeper #202 "Willie James"
    • Museum Car #5779 "Promontory"
    • Dome Coach #7001 "Colombine"
    • Coach #5473 "Portland Rose"
    • Dome Diner #8008 "City of Portland"
    • Business Car #119 "Kenefick"

Almost no other railroad in this country has retained its historical equipment and honored its past like the Union Pacific. The preservation of its fleet speaks to the high value Union Pacific places on its heritage and its role in America’s history.