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Lionel 6-12767 Steam Clean and Wheel Grind Shop

Lionel 6-12767 Steam Clean and Wheel Grind Shop

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Next to the people that make it run, the most important aspect of a smoothly operating railroad is a ready and reliable power tool. Without properly functioning locomotives, a railroad would simply stop operating. This means the proper maintenance of motive power is a major priority.

Now you can add this critical maintenance function to your smoothly operating pike with the Steam Clean and Wheel Grind Shop. Modeled to simulate the steam cleaning, train washing, and wheel grinding functions of a modern maintenance facility, this highly detailed accessory will add action and excitement to any layout.

This operating accessory is brand new in the original box and has never been unpacked. Includes the instructions and paperwork. 

The pictures are from the internet.

Note: The box for this accessory is very large at 24" X 24" X 12" 

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