NOCH 22120 White Lighted Christmas Tree with Twenty (20) LEDs ... 80mm Tall

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Dimensions: 80mm Tall (Approx 3.2-inches)
for Z (1:220) tree is 58 feet tall (17.6m tall)
for N (1:160) tree is 42 feet tall (12.8m tall)
for HO (1:160) tree is 23 feet tall (7m tall)
for O (1:32) tree is 8.4 feet tall (2.6m tall)

Description: Christmas magic - illuminated Christmas trees The Christmas tree is the focus of every Christmas. Whether a small tree in the living room or a large tree in the market square in the middle of the Christmas market: As soon as the lights come on, the Christmas spirit is guaranteed. The Christmas trees are equipped with LEDs, which are similar to a string of lights with light bulbs.

The scale guidelines provided are only recommendations. You can also use the small tree for the track 0 or set up the big one in a city square in N. Let your imagination run wild! The connection is made to the accessories output of a standard 16 V model railway transformer. Suitable for DC or AC connection. Alternatively, operation is possible with a 12 V power supply unit (500 mA, AC / DC). Power is not included