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Trix 22163 Steam Locomotive Series 4000 HO Big Boy

Trix 22163 Steam Locomotive Series 4000 HO Big Boy

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Trix 22163 Steam Locomotive Series 4000
Model: With digital decoder and extensive sound functions. Regulated high-performance propulsion. 8 axes driven. Traction tires. Set up for two smoke sets 7226. Headlights that change depending on the direction of travel, number plates and smoke generator contact will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. Driver's cab lighting can be controlled digitally. Maintenance-free warm white light-emitting diodes (LED) are used for lighting. Articulated chassis that can negotiate curves. Boxpok wheels. Standard with RP 25 profile and Kadee-compatible coupling. Central domed axles sprung. Steam lines pivoted with the cylinders. Short coupling between locomotive and tender. Powerful loudspeaker in the tender, volume adjustable. Coupling hooks can be inserted into the rail scraper at the front. Attached metal handlebars. Many details set. Figures of train driver and heater for the driver's cab are included. Length over couplings approx. 46.5 cm. Delivery in wooden box. One-time series.

  • One-time series of the original "Big Boy" 4014 with oil firing, which was put into operation again by Union Pacific.
  • Prototypical implementation in the model.
  • RP 25 profile and Kadee-compatible coupling fitted as standard.


  • Era VI
  • DCC decoder
  • Digital decoder with up to 32 digitally switchable functions. The number depends on the control unit used.
  • sound electronics
  • Single headlights at the front and rear with light changes in one direction
  • metal frame and boiler of the locomotive
  • With kinematics for close coupling and coupling seat according to NEM
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