Walthers 932-27952 Gold Line(TM) PS-2 2893 Cubic Foot 3-Bay Covered Hopper Ready to Run-2 Pack -- Chicago, Burlington & Quincy

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Covered Hoppers Are Great For Diesel-Era Railroads

Whether used for handling cement, aggregates or grain, Pullman-Standard PS-2 2893 Cubic-Foot Three-Bay Covered Hoppers were common sights on freight trains from the 50s to the 90s, and a few still run today. These new Walthers Gold Line™ HO cars are perfect for any diesel-era layout and are great in cement scenes with Valley Cement (933-3098, sold separately) or in grain handling scenes. Standard features include detailed plastic bodies, appropriate trucks with metal wheelsets, McHenry® knuckle couplers and a full set of add-on grab irons. Cars are available individually and in limited-run two-packs.